we have been out of a hobby for 3 years and recently found out that we am diabetic and a Dr. pronounced that we need to exercise…what improved approach than detecting…right?

I went out yesterday for a small while during an aged residence that was built in 1880 though has been remodeled many times over a years. we found a 1961 entertain yesterday so we was happy with china though currently brought me something so most better. we wasn’t accurately certain what we had until we got home. we saw it in a hole and figured that it was going to be a WWII badge or something since we found this object in a center a garland wheaties.

I got home and spotless it off and found that it is a UCV reunion badge from Louisville, KY in 1905! we am only a bit vehement to contend a least. we have nonetheless to locate one matching to it online though there is no doubt what it is by a sum on a front. Do any of we guys have any information on it?

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