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  • Metal detector finds
  • Hidden safe detected underneath church

An pledge singer unclosed a opening to a 500-year-old tip chamber,
which had been dim for centuries, when she incidentally hammered her shoe by one of a floor
tiles during St. Mary’s Church, in Redgrave, Suffolk. Just weeks before, a geophysicist had used
state-of-the-art belligerent indicate detectors (eXp 4000, Rover C II)
to locate a long-forgotten vault. There was only one final thing to do … anticipating a entrance.

Using belligerent perspicacious instruments, Mr. Weale from Geofizz Ltd.
identified a vast space, about 6ft deep, fluctuating underneath a tabernacle and into a adjacent
vestry. Before a geophysical surveys could be finished, a singer Kathy Mills stepped into
the opening of a vault. The hovel was detected with a set of stairs forward into the
ground manifest in one instruction and a cluster of about 6 coffins tucked inside a dim chamber
in a other. The hovel shows justification of carrying been renovated someday in a final century
with some-more complicated red section walls visible, though a safe itself is suspicion to be 500 years old.
It appears a safe suggested itself since timbers holding adult a building tiles in a church
had rotted with age.

Malcolm Weale, owner of Geofizz Ltd., is regulating a OKM apparatus for
many years for veteran and archaeological applications world-wide. Over a past years Geofizz
have been operative on several projects including a hunt for WW2 Fighter Planes, a Vampire Dugout
and a lot of other contemplating projects.

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