I’ve been unequivocally bustling lately, so we am usually removing around to posting these coins we found a few weeks back. On this hunt, we trafficked to a cruise area in eastern Missouri. we knew by investigate that a site had intensity for some comparison coins so we motionless to go there and try my luck.

I didn’t have most fitness on a initial half of my hunt, though shortly after relocating over to a parking area in a weed we got a good vigilance on my Minelab E-Trac steel detector and motionless to check a aim out a tiny some-more in depth. The aim was tiny and a tinge stayed unchanging so we excitedly dug a hole anticipating for something good.

CropBARBS (1)

About 7 inches down we saw a corner of a china coin, suppose my warn when we satisfied it was a Barber dime with a 1906-O mintmark. we re-checked a hole with my propointer, and satisfied that there was another aim a tiny deeper, so we dug down another integrate of inches and again put a mud subsequent to a plug, and saw another china china laying there.

I fast grabbed it and saw that it too was a Barber dime! 2 Barbers in a same plug, and this one was even comparison being a 1904-S Barber! we was mindblown! we after schooled that usually 800K 1904s Barbers were ever minted!

I also found some clad and a common junk, though it was really value a outing to find dual Barber Dimes in a same plug!